Services We Provide

For Sales Service
To meet the challenges of custom lighting specifications, installation windows, and aggressive return-on-investment goals, our powerful production operation has the muscle to deliver tens of thousands of high performance lighting product configurations
After Sales Service

Our lights are designed to outperform the warranty terms, we take great pride in our designs and product quality. In any unforeseen circumstances if the product develops some issue we assure the most prompt service support in the sector, most of the products will be delivered back within 48 hours of receipt in plant*
*Assuming the product was subject to the conditions within the warranty terms and conditions.

Site Visit

Whether you need a residential or commercial LED lighting design, our LED Lighting technicians are happy to do all the work to figure out exactly what you need. Analyze the present energy consumption to understand the potential of saving. If you have questions about our Products or would like a custom quote based on your LED design, please contact us.

Installation Training

We would be more than happy to help if you have any installation related queries, please call us at 0522-4242121

Orders & Delivery

On-time committed to customer shipment in standard 10 business day lead-time promise, average for all orders. “End-to-end” order quality throughout the life of the order which includes everything from order-entry to shipping.

Customer Support

We understand and anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations. Aggressively we pursue new business, determined to add value for our customers with determination and positive approach to every task, a `can-do` spirit. We love to ask "How can we serve to customers our best?"